03/16/2022-- 03/16/2022

Physics in a diverse world or A Spherical Cow Model of Physics Talent

Talk at the KITP Conference: Snowmass Theory Frontier - Feb. 23, 2022
11/18/2023-- 11/18/2023

Higher Topos Theory in Physics

A brief exposition of the point of higher topos theory in (mathematical) physics, commissioned for the Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics 2nd ed.
11/26/1999-- 10/29/1999

The Quest for Understanding in Relativistic Quantum Physics

We discuss the status and some perspectives of relativistic quantum physics.
04/20/2004-- 04/20/2004

Physical structures. Forming physical fields and manifolds. (Properties of skew-symmetric differential forms)

It is shown that physical fields are formed by physical structures, which in their properties are differential-geometrical structures. These results have been obtained due to using the mathematical apparatus of skew-symmetric differential forms. This apparatus discloses the controlling role of the conservation laws in evolutionary processes, which proceed in material media and lead to origination of physical structures and forming physical fields and manifolds.
08/14/2004-- 08/14/2004

Quantum gloves: Physics and Information

The slogan information is physical has been so successful that it led to some excess. Classical and quantum information can be thought of independently of any physical implementation. Pure information tasks can be realized using such abstract c- and qu-bits, but physical tasks require appropriate physical realizations of c- or qu-bits. As illustration we consider the problem of communicating chirality.
08/13/2010-- 08/02/2010

B Physics (Experiment)

In past few years the flavor physics made important transition from the work on confirmation the standard model of particle physics to the phase of search for effects of a new physics beyond standard model. In this paper we review current state of the physics of b-hadrons with emphasis on results with a sensitivity to new physics.
04/13/2015-- 04/13/2015

Can classical physics agree with quantum physics on quantum phenomena?

Classical physics fails where quantum physics prevails. This common understanding applies to quantum phenomena that are acknowledged to be beyond the reach of classical physics. Here, we make an attempt at weakening this solid belief that classical physics is unfit to explain the quantum world. The trial run is the quantization of the free radiation field that will be addressed by following a strategy that is free from operators or quantum-mechanical concepts
07/03/2016-- 07/03/2016

Space, matter and topology

An old branch of mathematics, Topology, has opened the road to the discovery of new phases of matter. A hidden topology in the energy spectrum is the key for novel conducting/insulating properties of topological matter.
06/23/2016-- 06/23/2016

Methods for Analyzing Pathways through a Physics Major

Physics Education Research frequently investigates what students studying physics do on small time scales (e.g. single courses, observations within single courses), or post-education time scales (e.g., what jobs do physics majors get?) but there is little research into how students get from the beginning to the end of a physics degree. Our work attempts to visualize students paths through the physics major, and quantitatively describe the students who take physics courses, receive physics degrees, and change degree paths into and out of the physics program at Michigan State University.
01/13/2006-- 01/13/2006

Topologization of electron liquids with Chern-Simons theory and quantum computation

We discuss a nexus among quantum topology, quantum physics and quantum computing.

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