What is measure of chemical energy stored within substances?

H(positive) + OH(negative) --> H2O

what is the ionic equation of a neutralisation reaction

NO-->N2 NO2-->O2 CO-->CO2

describe one of the gas conversions in a catalytic converter

one litre

1000cm^3 equals to

gives out

An exothermic reaction ______ ___ energy.'s formula mass in grams (GFM)

a mole of a substance is... (is equal to)


Is the haber process an example of a heteroegenous catalyst?

I2, Br2, Cl2, F2, O2, N2, H2

Name the the 7 diatomic molecules?

moles per litre

what is the concentration of a substance is measured in?

...activation energy

molecules can react if they've got enough...

a certain amount of energy in order for a reaction to occur

What is activation energy?


Enthalpy of _________ is the enthalpy change per mole of water formed when an acid is neutralised by an alkali.


The enthalpy of _____ is the enthalpy change that occurs when one mole of a substance dissolves completely in water

A large surface area means higher chance of collision

What are the effects of particle size?

decreasing particle size, increasing concentration, increasing temperature

Reaction rates could be speed up by:-

Because the lead atoms produced stick to the surface of the catalyst and stop the converter from working

Why must lead-free petrol (unleaded) be used?

as the reactants

homogeneous catalysts are in the same state as what?

...being used up...recovered unchanged at the end of reaction

Catalysts speed up reactions without...and can be...


Heterogeneous catalysts are in the same? or different? state as the reactants

takes in

An endothermic reaction _____ __ energy.

number of moles

volumes of gases are directly proportional to the ...?

the unstable arrangement of atoms form at the maximum of potential energy.

What is an activated complex?

alkali, salt

Acid + _______ --> ____ + water


When an acid reacts with an alkali or other base what occurs?

no of particles increase which means more chances of collisions

what are the effects of concentration?

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