3. They undrgo research and develop tests to prove hypothesis

What are the 3 areas of psychology(3)

Assessment and report writing, collecting and recording data and information, research and diagnosis

Skills of a forensic psychologist possesses

2. consultation to the legal system. They give expert advice in court and to help prevent a crime.

what are the 3 areas of psychology(2)

The study of the human brain, brain patterns and human behaviour

What is psychology

1. Expert evidence: Actual evidence from written and oral reports, generally given to families and coroners.

What are the 3 areas of psychology(1)

Courts, police, private practice, family counseling

List some areas forensic psychologists work in

to safeguard the integrity and welfare of their prospective clients.

What is the purpose of the code of ethics?

fail to obey laws, disrespect others, no regard for personal safety, show no regret, no regard for personal saftey

A person with APD (Anti-social personality disorder) will

It's called inductive

What is the approach profilers use when they use " statistics from a similar crime "

,the trigger for the incident What the offender did, how much planning, drugs and alcohol

When assessing dangerousness a forensic psychologist will take into account

It refers to the likelyhood of an offender re-comiting another serious act of violence

What is dangerousness?

-A past history of violence, Current threat to be violent, ongoing conflict, Substance abuse, Access to weapons, be socially isolated.

Mullens risk factors ( a list of factors that would increase the likelyhood of a person becoming a violent offender

1: Collect data from the crime scene, 2: Infer the offenders criminal career history, 3: Determine the offenders forensic awareness, 4: deve

Name the five steps involved for the inductive approach


True or false, a criminal profile is a list of physiological and psychological characteristics?

It's the way a person thinks.

What is the definition of psychological?

1 analyse the forensic evidence, analyse the victims characteristics, analyse the crime scene evidence, create a profile and compare apprehe

Name the five steps involved for the deductive approach

The physical characteristics of a person

What is the definition of physiological?

Encoding, storage and retrieval

What are the three stages of memory?

Memory works by obtaining, retaining and retrieving information

How does memory work

Retrieval is when you get the information your brain has stored for use

What is retrieval?

The information is stored and ready for retrieval

What is storage?

Retrieval. Motivated forgetting, Wrong retrieval clue and reconstructive memory.

Why are eyewitnesses not always reliable (3)?

Encoding is changing the sensory information into something your brain can understand

What is encoding?

Problems with encoding. Violence distraction, weapon focus

Why are eyewitnesses not always reliable (1)?

Storage. Forgetting details, The decay theory,

Why are eyewitnesses not always reliable (2)?

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