N2 + 3H2 equilibrium 2NH3

what is the chemical equation for the haber process?

rate of reaction

complete the sentence, " at low temperatures the yield is high but the **** ** ******** is slow

the smallest amount of energy particles need to react

what is the activation energy?

covalent compound

What kind of compound can not be split by electrolysis?

decreases the yield

increasing pressure does what to a reaction?

thermal decomposition and photosynthesis

give two examples of endothermic reactions

soap or paper

Industrial use of Sodium hydroxide

a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction but is not itself chemically affected by the reaction

definition of a catalyst

it decreases

if a I increase the temperature of an exothermic reaction, what happens to the yield?

an iron catalyst?

what catalyst can we use to speed up the haber process?

the more pressure, the closer the particles therefore there are more collisions

why does increasing the pressure in a reaction increase the rate? refer to particles in your answer

chlorine and sodium hydroxide

what forms when we electrolyise brine?

respiration, neutrilisation

give two examples of exothermic reactions

the anode

the cations are atrracted to what?

accept bleach production, purifying swimming pools, PVC production and anal lubrication

Give a use of chlorine


the negative electrode?

particles collide more often and with more energy

what two things happen in relation particles in a reaction when the temperature is increased?


What is the process called in which ions gain electrons to become atoms?

sodium chloride solution

what is brine?


Charles de gaulle looks like which GSAL english teacher?

200 atmospheres at 450 degrees centigrade

what is the compromise pressure and temperature for the haber process?

the electrolyte

What is the name given to the substance broken down by electrolysis




What is the name of the positive electrode?

increases it

increasing temperature in an endothermic reaction does what to the yield?

The decomposing (break down) of a substance by passing an electric current through it

define: electrolysis

the less reactive one

In electrolysis in water, two elements could potentially form at an electrode. Which of the two elements would form at the electrode?

temperature, surface area, concentration and catalyst

what are the four main factors that affect the rate of reaction?


What is the process called in which ions lose electrons to become?


before getting pure copper we must get rid of its what?

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