Balanced equation

Chemical equation where mass in converted, each side of equation has same number of atoms for each element

Chemical equation

Represents chemical reaction

Net ionic equation

For reaction in solution showing only those particles directly involved in the chemical equation

Activity series

List of elements in order of decreasing activity

Decomposition reaction

Where single compound is broken down into 2 or more simpler products


Substance that increase rate of reaction by lowering the activation-energy barrier not used up in the reaction

Skeleton equation

This does not indicate the relative amounts of reactants or products


A whole number in front of a chemical compound in a balanced chemical equation

Combustion reaction

Chemical change where an element or compound reacts with oxygen and produces energy in form of light and heat

Complete ionic equation

Shows dissolved ionic compounds as dissociated free coins

Spectator ion

Not directly in chemical reaction, the ion doesn't change oxidation number or composition during reaction

Combination reaction

Chemical change where 2 or more substances react and form a single new substance

Single-replacement reaction

1 element replaces second element in a compound

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