They wear away other materials

Why are acids described as corrosive

Compounds with specific characteristics

Define acids

An acid reacts with metals and carbonates, tastes sour, turns blue litmus paper red.

What are the properties of acids

Carbon dioxide

What is one of the products of acids reactions with carbonates

A reaction between an acid and a base which makes them neutral

What is neutralization

Salt and water.

What are the products of neutralization

Hydroxide ion (OH-)

What does a base produce in water

It expresses the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.

What does the pH scale do

Bitter taste, slippery feel, turns red litmus paper blue

What are the properties of bases

It changes colour when it comes in contact with an acid or a base.

Why is litmus paper described as a indicator

Hydrogen ion (H+)

What does an acid produce in water

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