requires wind, noisy if you live close by, visual pollution, very expensive to set up in the beginning.

what are the disadvantages of wind power


the hotter a substance is the more infrared radiation it gives of true or false

air or plastic

give an example of an insulator

releases carbon dioxide, which adds to the greenhouse effect and increases global warming

what happens when fossil fuels are burnt

no pollution or greenhouse gasses, renewable, can generate electricity and times of high demand

name the advantages of hydroelectric power

very expensive to initially set up, works better on roofs that face to the south.

what are the disadvantages of solar energy

no not in radiation

are particles involved in convection conduction and radiation


what solids conduct best

plants die in swamps and layers of sand, water and mud bury them, pressure and high temperatures turn the plants into coal

how is coal formed

excellent for countries like newzeland and Ice land preovides renewable energy, no pollution or greenhouse gasses

what are the advantages of geothermal power


another name for elastic energy

energy cannot be created or destroyed only be changed from one form to another.

what si the law of energy

non renewable, pollution, harmful to wildlife.

what are the disadvantages of fossil fuels

no pollution of greenhouse gasses, expensive to set up

name the disadvantages of tidal power

coal, oil and natural gas

what the fossil fuels


before you drop a ball what energy does it have

sound and heat

when you drop a ball what is the gpe transferred into

to get a more reliable answer

why would someone repeat their measurements in a practical

more predictable the sun and wind, has potential to generate lots of electricity, renewable

name advantages of tidal power

canot be replenished and cannot be replaced quickly

what is the definition of non renewable


how can you detect heat energy

renewable, no pollution, can be used in remote locations

what are the advantages of solar energy


how do you obtain oil

only suitable in some locations, cost of drilling

what are the disadvantages of geothermal power

sankey diagrams

how can you show transferes

liquids and gasses

where does convection happen


where does conduction occur

one form of energy turns into another

what happens when energy is transeferd


what are substances that do not allow heat to flow through them called

something that makes something happen

what is the definition of energy

kinetic, heat, light, gravitational potential, chemical, sound, electrical, elastic, nuclear

name all 9 types of energy

conduction, convection, radiation

name the three ways heat can be transferd

useful energy divided by total energy input and times it by 1 hundred

how do find out hoe efficient an object is


another name for heat energy

hot particles

what are lighter hot particles or cool particles

carbon dioxide forms an atmosphere traps in the heat from the sun

what is the greenhouse effect


what are substances that allow heat to flow through them called

microscopic plants and animals die and fall to the sea bed, layers of sand and mud form on the top, pressure and high temperature causes oil

explain how oils and gasses are fomed

solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, wave.

what are the 6 types of renewable energies


how do you measure energy (spell)

the sun because the sun grow the plants

where does the energy in coal ultimately come from

renewable, after built very few costs needed

what are the advantages of wind power

warmer to coooler

does heat flow from warmer to cooler objects or cooler to warmer

expensive to set up, ares need to be flooded and destroyed habitats, only be built in hilly places

name the disadvantages of hydroelectric power

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