describes a substance, not how substance changes

physical property

different throughout (italian dressing)

heterogeneous mixture

smallest unit of element that has properties of that element


length-meter, mass-gram, temperature-kelvin, time-second, amount of substance-mole

SI base units

pure substance made of only 1 kind of atom


energy is never created or destroyed in any reaction

law of conservation of energy

1. has mass 2. has volume

properties of matter

must be calculated (volume, concentration, area, density, energy, molar mass)

derived SI units

weight involves gravity pulling down

how is mass different from weight?

extensive and intensive

2 types of properties

same throughout (salt water)

homogeneous mixture

measure of amount of matter


depends on amount of matter present

extensive property

pure substance made from atoms of 2 or more elements


substance changes into a different substance

chemical change

does not depend on amount of matter present

intensive property

vertical columns


horizontal rows


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