The ability of a pure substance to dissolve a solute


A mixture that has a uniform composition

Homogeneous Mixture

The smaller part of the solution that gets dissolved into the solvent


physically combined substances (sand)


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The larger part of the solution that dissolves the solute


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A property of an object that allows the chemical composition or identity to be changed

Chemical Property

A mixture that doesn't have a uniform composition

Heterogeneous Mixture

one kind of atom (gold)


A uniform mixture that contains a solvent and at least one solute


One kind of particle(water)

Pure Substance

-definite shape, tightly packed atoms, atoms are attracted, small vibrations, small amount of kinetic energy

Characteristics of Solids

The amount of matter there is in an object

Mass Definition

-no shape, not in contact, no attraction, constant motion through container, high kinetic energy

Characteristics of Gases

The amount of mass there is in a certain volume of an object

Density Definition


Density Formula

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-occupies the bottom of the container, still tightly packed but some jump, attracted but notalways in contact, constant vibration, K. energy

Characteristics of Liquids

A measurable or visible property of an object

Physical Property

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