general term for NaCl in water

Saline solution

the process of an unstable atomic nucleus losing energy by emitting radiation

Radioactive decay

sharing of one pair of electrons

Single bond

a suspension of solid particles in liquid. Artificial examples include sol-gels


Group 1 and 2 elements (alkali and alkaline metals), which includes Hydrogen and Helium

S-block elements

the part of the solution that is mixed into the solvent


an electrically conductive solid that is between a conductor and an insulator


the study of how atoms, molecules, subatomic particles, etc. behave and are structured

Quantum mechanics

devices used to connection reduction with oxidation half-cells in an electrochemical cell

Salt bridge

the part of the solution that dissolves the solute


energy in the form of waves or subatomic particles when there is a change from high energy to low energy states


quantum state equation which represents the behaviour of an election around an atom

Schrodinger equation

one of the states of matter, where the molecules are packed close together, there is a resistance of movement/deformation and volume change


homogeneous mixture made up of multiple substances. It is made up of solutes and solvents


ionic compounds composed of anions and cations


a carrier of electromagnetic radiation of all wavelength (such as gamma rays and radio waves)


a positive unit or subatomic particle that has a positive charge


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